Ned Mueller Video


Ned Mueller – The Source-Glacier Park, Gouache on Panel, 10″ x 12″

Hi Friends,

I want to share an instructional video by a great artist and friend Ned Mueller. In The Art of Seeing – Simplifying Harbor Scenes,  Ned explains the major pictorial concerns we should all have in making a painting. I know we all love tricky effects and painting details, but if we don’t understand the foundational principles Ned teaches in this video, our paintings are just going to keep lacking the visual punch they need. Although this video focuses on maritime subject matter, these basic principles will apply no matter the subject matter or medium.

Check out the trailer HERE.

Ned Mueller has been around the block. He graduated from the Art Center School of Design in Los Angeles. As an illustrator of 25 years he’s worked for just about everyone, including Disney and other major corporations. Ned has also augmented his education and experience by studying under many other great painters such as Richard Schmid, Harley Brown, and Sergei Bongart. He is a popular instructor in the Seattle area and elsewhere, having taught workshops throughout the US and abroad. Ned’s a painter’s painter, always looking to grow and improve his craft. This new video should be a staple for all of us, especially if you have not had the benefit of formal training in design and composition.

Check out Ned’s website at


Ned Mueller – Hanging In There, Oil on Linen, 14″ x 11″



Ned Mueller – Minaret Range – Upper Meadow, Oil on Linen, 12″ x 9″



Ned Mueller – Fishermen of Kino Bay, Gouache on Panel, 7″ x 10″

4 thoughts on “Ned Mueller Video”

  1. Thank you David for writing this short article on your site. It was a pleasure to film Ned. As you stated he is a wonderful teacher and artist. We are excited to be releasing this video on April 30th.


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