Be Good to Yourself and Your Art


Hi Everyone,

I just want to send out a quick reminder. Don’t forget to exercise today. If all you do is take ten minutes to get your breathing going and your blood flowing, your body’s going to like that. And your art, too. All that sweat will clear your mind, heighten your mood, and get you ready for whatever challenges you have coming today. Oh, and by the way, do it again tomorrow…and the next day…and…




11 thoughts on “Be Good to Yourself and Your Art”

  1. Thanks for reminding me to exersize. Also thanks for all the website info you give for painting, it sure helps with my artwork.


  2. What a word of encouragement. I thank you for sharing your mind, because I for one needed to hear these words, and will apply them as well. You are an outstanding painter and a pretty cool dude too.

    Continued success Sir,

    Christopher Marion Thomas


  3. Thank you, I just spent four hours at my easel, trying to accomplish a little bit of your method. Love it, more videos, but have tired eyes now. Beth Allen


  4. Thank you David for your inspiring message. Will you ever come to England to do a work shop? Pllleeease!

    Blessings to you too.

    Elizabeth Williams


    1. Thanks, Elizabeth. I really hope to come to your country in the near future. I don’t have anything definite planned yet. My most promising contact at the moment in your neck of the woods is in Belfast. I hope that will be close enough for you. Best wishes!


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