Second Periscope Feed on Monday

Hi Everyone,

We will have another Periscope broadcast on Monday, November 16 at 10:30 am Pacific Time. I will be teaching about glazing. Hopefully we will be able to improve the quality of the video from last time. Thanks so much for the feedback! 

If you are unable to watch the broadcast in real time, the feed will stay live for 24 hours. To see this Periscope broadcast please follow which is the hosting studio of my workshop. 

This is an interesting technology. I hope to learn as I go and improve as I learn. I appreciate the suggestions. 

See you Monday!


25 thoughts on “Second Periscope Feed on Monday”

  1. Hi David. Thank you for your Periscope views. Improvements? I would like to be able to see the setup that you see when you are painting too. We could only see a small part of it on the first Periscope show. Also, it would be helpful if sometimes you could zoom in on the painting for a brief moment. And when someone makes a comment and you answer them, please restate their question. It was difficult to hear even you, but could not understand them at all. Thanks again for your kindness to share. Much appreciated! Roena

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  2. David, I have watched some of the video feed and my comment is that although I love hearing your commentary, I cannot see the tiling or even the full view of the painting or your palette as you are mixing the colors. All I see is mostly your profile and the skewed angle of your painting. I think the camera angle needs to change for the viewers at home. Maybe that will interfere with your workshop participants on site, but I need more visual of what you are doing. Hope that it can be worked out because there is so much to learn from you 🙂



  3. I watched some live and the rest later…I enjoyed it completely. While it was not “perfect” for the Periscope venue, I don’t think you should compromise the set up for those who paid to attend. It was awesome to be a part of it and hopefully one day I will attend one of your workshops…I am grateful that you shared so freely.!


  4. Thank you for the first still life. While I can’t make it live, I catch the recordings, Thanks again from Brisbane, Australia.


  5. That was interesting. Thanks for making the effort to share your glazing demo. I have a question and a suggestion.

    Do you ever tweak a painting after the frame is on it?

    You may wish to consider buying a lavalier mic, which clips onto your shirt, to improve the sound quality. The type with a long wire that plugs into the camera cost about $30 at an electronics store.

    Take care.


  6. David, thank you so much for sharing the 2nd Periscope video on glazing. It was so helpful just to see you paint and how you applied and softened the glazes. I am never close to any of your workshops. This one in WA and another one in NYC. I am in Texas……….long, long way. sigh Many thanks for your kindness to share. Roena


  7. How David. First, thank you for being willing to share this information. I would loooove to come to one of your classes. Maybe someday …

    How do you play back the webinar? I click on the play button and it spins for about 2 seconds and goes back to the ‘play’ (triangle) button.

    Again, your help is appreciated, rob


  8. David, I was not able to be home today to watch your video live. It says it will be live for 24 hours, but I was not able to watch it this evening. The message says that it ended 8 hours ago and is no longer available. I would have liked to see you glaze this painting…..



  9. Hi David – Thank you so much for the first video, I was able to see that one, and loved it. Great inspiration, and makes me hope to get up to Whidby Island for one of your workshops. I would VERY MUCH like to see the glazing video, but it was not available. The only video I could access was Cary Jurians stating that the live streaming of your workshop was now going to start……and then it didn’t. Hope she can retrieve it for us. Again, thank you so much for this demo. You are amazing! Barb


  10. Hi David,I am still not able to watch the video. The Whidbey video is 51 seconds long. The intro basically of you and a little walking around. The David Gray link doesn’t go anywhere. I’m really hoping the video was actually recorded. Your input is appreciated,robin

    Robin Barnhart214-228-7164 “For I am crucified in Christ and I no longer live but Christ in me. The life I live in the body, I live by faith in the One Who loved me and gave Himself for me.” Gal. 2:20

    Date: Sun, 15 Nov 2015 10:25:57 +0000 To:


  11. Hi David, I wasn’t able to connect to your second video. During the actual time, I was thrown into someone else’s demo, then later, it would begin, then cut out. I did however connect with your first and though it was tough to see, I enjoyed your commentary. Thanks for broadcasting and please keep doing it. I always learn something from you.


  12. Dear David
    I have followed you and your work for a few years now deeply in admiration. I would love to see your periscope piece in dear old Blighty here but have no idea what time Pacific Time is….probably the middle of the night! Luckily I do have a trusty alarm. Will you ever come to England for a workshop? I would love to do it and meet you too.
    Kind regards


    1. Hi Elizabeth. It’s very possible to do a workshop in England sometime. But I need a hosting studio. Pacific Time is the West Coast of the States. I believe you are 8 hours ahead. But I’m sure you could Google it to make sure. Best wishes.


  13. Hi David
    I really like your work.
    Actually living in Dominican Republic and moving back to USA in May 2016.
    Definitely I will be taking one of your classes hopefully in south Florida.
    Keep the good work you are one of my favorite artists .

    Luis Marte.


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