2016 Workshops!


Hi Gang!

My 2016 Workshop Schedule is now finalized and can be viewed here: http://www.davidgrayart.com/#!workshops/cdq3. Overseas venues include: France, Belgium, Ireland. And in the United States: California, Georgia, Vermont, and Washington. I will not be adding any more workshops to the 2016 schedule. I hope something works out for you. Specific questions regarding costs and other logistics should be directed to the hosting studio. Contact information is available for each workshop.

See you in class!



3 thoughts on “2016 Workshops!”

  1. Dear David Gray,
    good morning. Unfornutately I couldn’t see your on-line event due to some previous compromisses. I hope was a sucess and wainting for another oportunity. Thanks for your iniciative. Best regards, Luiz Henrique


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