2017 Workshop Schedule and…DVD!

Hi Everyone! I just wanted to announce that my new tutorial DVD on painting the portrait is now available from Bella Muse Productions. You can purchase a physical DVD or if you prefer you can download it.

In this 6 hour tutorial I cover every step of my typical process from the initial underdrawing to final glazes. My palette is visible on the screen while I’m painting, so you can see what I’m mixing. Of course, I discuss my colors and other factors that go into my color mixes. I hope you’ll be pleased with it. I don’t hide anything.

If you buy now you can save about $50 off the normal purchase price (NOTE: This deal is now expired). Click HERE to purchase.

Also — my 2017 workshop schedule is now available. I’ll be in Europe several times as well as on both coasts of the US. View my schedule HERE.

Happy painting!


15 thoughts on “2017 Workshop Schedule and…DVD!”

  1. David, I am so delighted that you finished your video! You can’t see me but I am doing my happy dance. Yes! I went ahead and purchased the download version. It says that I can expect another email by February 8 for the download. Do you know why we can’t just download it?
    By the way, did I mention how excited I am? 😀


    1. Thanks, Robin. I guess they may be making some final tweaks to the video. I’m not really sure, but hopefully you did get a discount for ordering early. For those kinds of questions you should ask Bella Muse. I’m not involved in any of the sales or delivery logistics. I hope you enjoy it and learn a lot!

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      1. Hey David, I did contact Bella Muse and this was their reply:
        The special we are running right now is our Pre-release special. We are in final production The download will actually be available this week so sooner than expected. We always offer this special on all our videos to help raise the funds needed to produce them.

        Again, the download links will be ready within the next couple days. Sooner than our website states.

        I hope this helps any looking now. 🙂


  2. Dear David, I am on receipt of your first DVD that I’ve been expecting so much! I will watch it and be able to study your method more diligently now. I already have a figure drawn on canvas, waiting for my first practice trial after I finish with the DVD. Thanks so much for putting this effort out, I truly hope to see more of your teaching in the future.
    Gil Mello


  3. Hi David, just to let you know that I have used and loved your DVDs, I watched them twice already! I am now trying to put in practice what I got from your teaching, thank you very much for showing your techniques!
    I have a question, your “oil gel” medium, what is the brand or manufacturer you use?
    Gil Mello


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