My 2017 schedule is now posted. Please click HERE for details.

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    1. Yes. I used to teach in the Miami area (Hialeah), but I didn’t get along with the administrator. I don’t even think the studio exists anymore. I don’t want to name any names.


      1. Have you ever considered teaching in the Vero Beach area of Florida. Absolutely beautiful, known for their love of art. There are other areas centrally located. I live in Melbourne. Another town dedicated the arts. Melbourne art league would welcome you. St .Augustine is incredible.


  1. I am looking for Gato Preto paints in the USA. I got my original tubes in Chile. Where to get them here?


    1. Hi, Judy! my name is Luiz Dacosta and I’m brazilian. In fact, Gato Preto is a brazilian paint brand. I’m so surprised that you’ve used this in US. It’s so funny because we, in Brazil, look for imported paintings. I have no idea that someone could look for this paint out of here. Good luck and best for you. L.


  2. Hi!
    I was curious after reading your blogs and your overview of your workshops you mentioned they were geared towards the more experienced… I am just getting back into painting bc I was forced to find an alternative to working, due to an accident that left me with 2 spinal fusions and I ended being fired.. So back to painting. It’s been a while. But I’m confident that I can undertake something at an intermediary level. I worked mostly in watercolor pastels acrylics and dabbled in oils. I’m self taught and won a congressional award for my watercolors so I have a basic understanding naturally,
    for color value and hue but never had the opportunity to learn. It’s extremely important for me to understand how to better my talent as it’s my only opportunity to earn a living. Do you offer a Workshop that’s not quite as advanced? Or will you? I live in ct and long distance travel is physically difficult as well as financially. I’m sure my family would help me for the class fee but staying at hotels and meals would be overwhelming. I have watched every video at least 2x and I subscribed to your blog/newsletter I stay up until 3am watching videos and tutorials on line just to find ways to better myself. However a Workshop with you I think would help immensely as your work is breathtaking. Thank you!


    1. I appreciate your situation. I recommend taking a beginning oil class before taking any of my classes. Or at least, getting a good feel for the medium before taking an intermediate class. Good luck, and sorry I can’t really help more.


  3. Hi,
    What are the dates and location of your Georgia workshop? The link takes me to a blank page..?? I hope I haven’t missed it.


  4. Hi David, any chance to plan a workshop at or near Houston, TX? Winter time around here is more pleasant and I bet many local artists, myself included, will be delighted to attend…please give some thought to it for 2017.

    G. Mello


  5. David, congratulations on your ribbon at the OPA Convention in Dallas. I was fortunate to able to attend the convention; your painting is lovely.


    1. Sorry, Ed. I really don’t mean to seem arrogant. I guess I just try to answer questions succinctly. Some questions are almost impossible to answer.


  6. I’ve been ‘with you’ for a long time David and have never heard you be arrogant. One of the downfalls of typing in our speech is that inference is not always “heard”. I appreciate what you do and your willingness to share with us.
    Now, about Dallas? Lol.

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    1. Hi Renee. I’m not sure I’ll be teaching with Sara in 2017. We have not discussed it. I’ll be posting a class to take place in Daytona Beach in February. Perhaps that could work for you.


      1. David not to rush you but when do you think you’ll be posting the class in Daytona Beach in February. Would like to sign up as soon as I can.


  7. Hi David, I’m really looking forward to one of your still life workshops and I’m sure they fill up quickly. Hope it will be here in the states and that I can meet you in person.


    1. My selection of colors is as follows: titanium white, cadmium yellow, yellow ochre, cadmium orange, cadmium red light, terra rosa, transparent red oxide, raw umber, ivory black, quinacridone violet, ultramarine blue, phthalocyanine green.


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