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Here’s a look at my latest You tube post:

23 thoughts on “Youtube”

    1. These drawings are just amazing!!! Thank you for sharing. Do you sell books on how to draw? I LOVE art but have not found a book at all to the art I love..and these are some of them.


      1. I don’t have any books but there are some good ones. I think one of the best books on drawing is from
        Anthony Ryder, The Complete Guide to Figure Drawing. Good luck!


    1. Sure. You can do that. But you need to have a finishing point so you know how much white to mix in. The way you suggest will make it a bit too arbitrary and chancy to mix the right value.


  1. Dear David, since your portretclass in Brugge, i kept painting , due to your inspirational classes and really want to thank you for that
    Anneke ( aaaaaahh Lets see,aaaah)
    Hope to see you sometime,,somewhere


  2. Is that paper your painting on? It kinda looks like raw canvas or linen. If paper what kind do you recommend for sketching?


  3. David, Thank you for all your help in France, I feel I’ve learned so much. I just sold the painting that I had started right after our class. Hope all if well with you.


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