To view ALL of my tutorial YouTube videos please visit my YouTube channel DGPaints.

Here’s a look at my latest You tube post:

23 thoughts on “Youtube”

    1. These drawings are just amazing!!! Thank you for sharing. Do you sell books on how to draw? I LOVE art but have not found a book at all to the art I love..and these are some of them.


    1. Sure. You can do that. But you need to have a finishing point so you know how much white to mix in. The way you suggest will make it a bit too arbitrary and chancy to mix the right value.


  1. Dear David, since your portretclass in Brugge, i kept painting , due to your inspirational classes and really want to thank you for that
    Anneke ( aaaaaahh Lets see,aaaah)
    Hope to see you sometime,,somewhere


  2. David, Thank you for all your help in France, I feel I’ve learned so much. I just sold the painting that I had started right after our class. Hope all if well with you.


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